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January 1, 2010

In the year 2010

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At this very juncture , 10 years ago, me and my family members had taken our Bengal and Orissa trip  – we covered quite a few places despite the long train journeys (which I miss very badly). I still remember amma relishing the 3-tier car on Howrah Express while I sat at the most coveted upper berth, (for which me and Rain used to fight like Cats and Dogs)  with my Mathematics assignment spread out and my Work Experience stitching kit on the other side 😀

Sigh … those were the days when we mere mortals had our hands, hearts and minds full of activity and tasks and deadlines. All of these were imposed upon us, and yet we stuck to them and complied without even a single bit of an after thought.  I even vividly recall walking along Shakespeare Sarani during X Mas eve and on X Mas day and somehow, how it looked and felt nice although I was in a different city in a different state.  Can’t believe it was 10 years ago though!

As a kid I recall, we had this series called “Phantom 2020” in which there was a Kit Walker was the phantom of the future. People travelled in space shuttles and bikes and lived in buildings in the skies. I remember wondering how life would be in 2010 and 2020.

Well we are in 2010 now.  I dont see us shuttling about in space shuttles, weirdly enough. 😛

I cannot believe it has been a decade that has rushed past me, I am sure most people don’t either but they choose to keep their denial deep within somewhere.  Through the time and space continuum I can see 14 year old Teal , shrugging her shoulders and throwing me a disapproving look of “What the hell have you done with our future dudette? You are supposed to be way cooler, you know ?” And 24 year old me just looks back with a smile and is grateful that she is still able to connect to that part of herself. ( Now, now there is no need to be appalled that I am talking about myself in 3rd person, incredibly intelligent people are only supposed to do that , you see.)

2009 was a good year, in fact a great year.

The first half was the lousiest year I had ever had. Loads of pressure on all sides, and whatever I had given my heart and soul seemed to have gone in vain.  (Read seemed) And then something happened. My perspective of life and everything around me changed rather shockingly. I finally took almost every spiritual guru’s mixed advice (read “Mom”) and decided to take each day one at a time. Somehow planning, pre planning and execution never seemed to work out for me at all 🙂

The Latter half of 2009 was the fun I thought I would never have that year. I kept myself away from a lot of unhealthy thoughts and fears by keeping myself involved in many activities at my workplace. Had made some good friends, met some really enthusiastic juniors , embarrassed myself thoroughly (now don’t expect details on that angle! I am forthright alright, not the point of self damage :-D) got exposed to different kinds of people , music et al. Most importantly, I had AWESOME fun. (to be put , mildly) August to November was the best part of 2009.  After moping around last week of December , owing to illness et al. This deaf ear of mine can hear a distant toll,  and I think it is about time I started drifting in it’s direction.

And I have woken up into 2010. It is like freaky friday, 20 on 30 or any other cheesy crap movie you have seen. The 14 year old cannot believe it has been a decade since – my my what changes life has gone through, and yet , there is so much of me and everything around me that has not shaken or stirred.  I know it is late, but not too late for me to redeem myself.  The blogger in me is 4 years old now.

I am a changed me. Not sure if this is whom I was destined to be. But I’m giving myself another shot. And another chance.



  1. Happy New Year, my dear. You can do whatever you choose to; you are a force of nature.

    Comment by Rain — January 2, 2010 @ 3:24 PM | Reply

  2. That’s the spirit! The new year’s gonna be awesome for you! 🙂

    Comment by Brat — January 15, 2010 @ 10:06 AM | Reply

  3. @ Rain : Thanks mi hermana > 😀 <
    @ Brat : You say that every year. 😀 I appreciate the sentiment tho. Hugsies !

    Comment by sowkal — January 17, 2010 @ 1:09 PM | Reply

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