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May 27, 2010

Book review : The immortals of Meluha

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What this is : A fictional account inspired by Lord Shiva and Hindu faith – that the gods we worship could have been legendary men who walked the earth and their glory and valor immortalizing them to the level of worship.

What this is not : Worth all the hype and hoopla

First up – the cover design and the summary at the back is enough to invoke a lot of curiosity from anyone who is even remotely interested in our culture. A friend of mine – deceived by the same had bought a hard copy of it and read it page to page sincerely and recommended it as a nice light read. And that is what it is. It doesn’t need much dwelling into the grey areas or reading into the lines.

The first half of the book is pretty quick in pace , when one starts reading with the a fore  mentioned curiosity they are almost willing to finish it at one stretch. However – the second half gets boring and slow and predictably cheesy. After having seen umpteen instance of prophecies and the concept of ‘The One’ in many places, one tends to get bored.

I happened to stumble on the official website of the Shiva trilogy – of which this is the first , and the author Amish is an IIM Kolkata alumni.

What is up with IIM alumni and writing time-pass paperback novels ?? 🙂

Any genuine book lover would not give this more than 2 out of 5.

But yes , I will wait up to read if the other 2 installments will be worth it.



  1. Thank you for the warning 🙂

    You can give Ashok Banker’s Ramayan series a try. It is a decent modern update of the epic ( if you can look past Rama’s japanese inspired martial arts :D)

    Comment by Vivek — May 29, 2010 @ 11:20 PM | Reply

  2. Let me check those out – thanks for the recommendation.

    Comment by Teal — June 4, 2010 @ 9:29 AM | Reply

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